From Our Farm to Your Table

Our family business is centered around sustainable farming, bringing delicious, seasonal food to our customers. We encourage people to experiment more with their food, provide opportunities for people to learn about our farming practices and highlight how short the journey can be from farm to table.
Through our shops, farm events, wholesale supply and online shop we want to build a relationship with our customers to show them how we bring our produce to their table in a way which has minimal impact on the environment, by reducing fuel use, food miles and food waste.

Our Story

Westerton Farmers is a family run farm based near Laurencekirk in North East Scotland. Our family (The Gammie’s) have been farming here since 1920 when James Gammie Snr moved to the area from near Huntly.

The farm has had a varied past, in previous generations we have bred award winning pigs and cattle, grown flowers such as crocuses, tulips and daffodils, grown Potatoes, Barley, Wheat, peas, carrots and swede. We currently grow Spring Barley for malting, Winter Wheat for distilling, rent out land for peas, carrots, potaotes and swede, as well as grass land to neighbors for cattle grazing and silage. We have a few smalls of woodland and set aside which we leave for conservation. We farm around 2 hectares of vegetables, salads, pumpkins, potatoes, carrots and peas for our farm shop too.

In 2002 the family bought Kirktown Garden Centre in Stonehaven which is still owned and run by David and his brother.


We opened The Spud Hut in 2017 which is our honesty based hut at Cairnton – selling a small selection of vegetables, tatties, and logs. The Spud Hut is open 24/7 and used very regularly by the local community. In 2020 we launched our online delivery service covering South Aberdeenshire and North Angus, this was as a result of the huge demand brought by the pandemic. We started supplying products from other producers who had lost their usual sales outputs with the closures of markets, cafes and restaurants – such as Gannets in Laurencekirk, Mearns Marmalades and Cove Honey Bees.

In April 2021 we opened Farm to Table which is based at Westerton of Pitarrow. A farm shop meets refillery – we sell a much wider variety of fruit and veg, as well as cupboard essentials like pasta, flour, rices and spices. We also have fridges with delicious locally produced beef, lamb pork, cheeses, pickles, milk and fruit juice. Our freezers also encourage you to being your own tubs to refill – hosting loose frozen peas, fruit, pastries, fish fingers, chicken kiev and burgers to name a few.

At Westerton we have many events on throughout the year – we host regular farmers markets, open days, pop up food vendors, pop up shops, and of course our biggest event – our pumpkin patch in October.

Farm to Table has become the hub of our farm for the public – with our friendly goats there to welcome you, a park to play in, takeaway food and drinks, picnic area, cosy sitting area by the log burner, Hutti for sheltered cuppa on a cold day and our barn which opens regularly for parties, bouncy castle sessions, meeting and events.

The Grafters!

Meet the team

Between us we now have over 200 years of farming experience, and are proud that three members of our team have been with the Farm for over 40 years each.

David Gammie
Farmed all his life and took over from his father in 1998

Fiona Smith
Joined the family business in 2014

Duncan Milton
Started July 1961

Alexander Duncan
Started July 1970

Ian Grant
Mechanic & Tractorman
Started September 1979

Rosemary Cromar
Farm Worker
Started 1983

Ross Adamson
Retail Manager
Started 2021


We are trying our hardest to farm in a environmentally conscious way – and have installed two forms of renewable energy on our farm.

Solar Panels were installed in 2015 – the electricity generated from these panels is used 100% on site, and helps power our shop, drier and cold store. We plan to install more in the future to help us become more self sufficient.

GSHP – Ground Source Heat Pump. This produces heat from the ground and allows us to heat sheds, and dry grain on the farm. The byproduct of this system is chill which we use to run our tattie store.

At Farm to Table you can find all our homegrown vegetables, along with produce from other local suppliers.
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