Storm Arwen

December 1, 2021

What a horrendous storm this weekend past – Arwen! Strong winds and much damage from trees down, power lost to thousands and really freezing temperatures making for an awful combination here in the North East and elsewhere.

At Farm to Table we have a tunnel standing well. The winter crops are none the worse and glad of protection from the frosts, nevermind the winds. The fennel bulbs are coming along nicely and it is lovely to enter this tunnel and smell it – keep an eye out for them in the shop, freshly picked!

However, it is a different story in Tunnel 2. The storm ripped the covering and broke the support, literally smashing them into a new artwork! Inside we’ve had some crop losses as half the tunnel collapsed. There are though still good healthy crops to come.

The tape lines you see are actually because we were planning on opening the tunnels for a Pick Your Own Salad event at the weekend, where you could pick and create a salad mix to your own taste and get a good look at what we have growing in the tunnels. Meanwhile, outside at the other end you can see the damage caused by Arwen.

Anyway, we hope that you are safe and can recover from the past weekend.

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