Winter sowing complete… now tidy up time!

November 10, 2021

All the sowings have now been planted and the main tunnels are lush green and full of goodness. This produce – much of which has been featured in our previous blog posts – will be tended and kept ready for winter salads and so on for Farm To Table. We’re particularly delighted to see the Pak Choi going strong!

On another note, now that the sowing is done and with the clocks going back and the days now truly changing fast, perhaps in your own garden you are starting some tidy up. Here we had a big clear out and clean up of the wee boiler house that is the Seed Tunnel.

We removed the makeshift benches and trays and got the steam cleaner out to wash it down – the floor especially. Then some Jeyes to disinfect. This helps keep the bugs, disease and viruses that can damage seedlings at bay.

The work bench area also had a tidy up and is a bit more organised again. There is more still to do as there are lots of seed pots and trays still to be washed, old labels to be cleaned and ready for next season. Winter sees a shift in gear, but there is always something to be doing.

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