The humble lettuce

November 3, 2021

I confess that salad and winter never seemed to equate in my thinking until recent years. Salads were once hardly worthy of the title – a piece of lettuce, tomato and cucumber thrown on a plate! For me it was while in the States that I was introduced to a friend who made the most amazing salads and it changed my view. Salads have come a long way!

So here we are heading into winter and while like most I love a hearty warming meal, there are times that a pasta and lovely easy fresh salad beckons. So along with all the mustards, rocket, sorrel and miners lettuce, we are growing a range of tasty winter grown lettuce. Yes! Believe it or not winter lettuce!

Below are some of the varieties we are growing just now and will make their way into our salad bags for you…

Ciucca (first/top right) – tender and crunchy and an intense green colour with a touch of red.

Grenoble Red (second/top left) – a beautiful heirloom lettuce with varying shades of red, bronze, light and dark green. Really tender and crispy.

Marvel of 4 Seasons (third/bottom right) – referred to as Merville de Quatre Saison as it originates from France. It is an easy to grow heritage variety (1885).

Marvel of Winter (fourth/bottom left) – a very hardy and reliable attractive French heirloom variety.

These fresh salads should last up to 2 weeks in pride at home. They have lots of flavour and goodness of vitamins and minerals which is great for providing a healthy dietary balance through winter. These leaves all appear in our salad bags at our farm shop Farm To Table at Westerton of Pitarrow (AB30 1RT).

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