Salads and Snobabies…

September 22, 2021

Our ‘A View From The Polytunnels’ blog series continues and this week among harvests we finally got to harvest the maize sweetcorn we’ve grown as a trial this year. It is a baby corn variety called ‘Snobaby’ and is a little larger than what you’ll tend to see as baby corn in the supermarket. It’s perfect to use tender in a stir-fry, a Thai curry or simply boiled. As you can see below, our little Snobabies are are doing well!

Salad Starters?

Winter sowings are well underway with a range of options for keeping going with salads through the colder months – believe it or not!

We’ve quite a range of options to pep up salads for this coming season. Let me introduce you to Mizuna – an oriental leaf that has a sweet, mild mustardy taste that gets stronger as the wide serrated (similar to rocket) leaves mature. The baby-leaves can be used raw in salads or the larger leaves can be added last minute to stir-fries. It’s best tasted fresh and can be stored a few days in the fridge. We had a wee tasting of a few leaves this week and it is really nice and flavourful and juicy!

Mizuna Origins

Mizu (water) na (mustard plant) – it is part of the Mustard family. Mizuna originated in China and is among a dozen vegetables that were introduced to Japan through trade with China at Kyoto Royal farm back in the Edo period [800-1,200AD]. It grew well in the field and was used in cooking. There are some 16 different varieties all full of vitamins C, A, B9 and iron.

The Snobaby are available at Farm To Table now and the Mizuna will follow soon!

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